Blue Sea Room

starting at €45
2/3 Guests - 22 sqm
The Blue Sea room is inspired by the thousand shades of our sea, ranging from turquoise to emerald and cobalt blue. Thanks to the presence of a balcony...

Yellow Sun Room

starting at €45
2/3 Guests - 22 sqm
The colour and energy of the sun inspired the Yellow Sun room.
The room is furnished using a mix of Asian and modern complements.
Like the Blue Sea room, it has a balcony...
A small bed and breakfast in the heart of Cagliari, where you can feel at home and live the experience of true Sardinian hospitality. Only two rooms for those looking for a quiet and cozy atmosphere.


Vico Barcellona 6 - Cagliari
+39 370 12 89 673

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